The Collins Band Guide To Perfect Practice Habits…..


It is important to find a private teacher who knows how to play your instrument. They can help you with the specific characteristics unique to your instrument. They can help you learn the proper techniques to better enable you to perform on your instrument.

Private lessons usually last between 30 to 60 minutes a week. Depending on the length of your lesson, the price can be $10.00 to $50.00 a lesson. The teacher will sit with you one on one and help you with your specific needs. They will give you weekly assignments and help you master them.

Students who take private lessons usually do better in class. This is because during normal classroom rehearsals, each student can not work directly on their own specific needs. The goal of the rehearsal is to unify the band to better perform the music. Practice time at home and private lessons help you to become better at playing your music. This allows you to be more productive during class.

There are several places to find private lesson teachers. Area music stores have qualified teachers. You can call the store and ask them who their teachers are and how much they charge for lessons. Some of the stores in our area include:

Gittli Music (Jeffersontown, KY): (502) 541-2202
Miles Ahead Music (Louisville, KY): (502) 479-3772
Mel Owen Music (Louisville, KY): (859) 647-1410

You can also call local colleges or universities. Here are a few that are close by:

University of Louisville: (502) 852-6907
Kentucky State University: (502) 597-6415