It is vital to develop a discipline which makes home practice a natural part of the day. Although many new concepts are during rehearsals, the limited time does not afford the personal attention which is vital in developing the technical facility required for the upcoming years of musical exploration.

Band, Orchestra, Guard, and Jazz means more to your student than just playing an instrument/equipment or performing. It offers an opportunity to experience a whole new level of communication.

This artistic language will be with them for a lifetime. Music Education can open a world of aesthetic possibilities which will bring new meaning to the growth and development of your child.

Let us join hands in establishing a solid foundation of growth by creating a disciplined practice schedule at home.

Please remind and help your student with their home practice by setting a consistent practice time at home and help them fill out a practice log to keep them on track.

If every student does their share of practice, the whole program will improve resulting in attaining higher and higher performance goals.