It’s time for you, your friends, and your family to stock up with Little Caesars Pizza Kits! Have them on hand for quick dinners, parties or entertaining! This is a great way to make your event a hit and help our Collins Band students out at the same time. You can order online (see below) or contact your favorite band student …

or reach out to us on our Facebook Page (

… any way you slice it… we have you covered!

If you have additional questions, please use our Contact Page (click here) and choose “Little Caesars’ Fundraiser Questions”. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Kickoff Date – Monday, September 25th
Orders Due – Monday, October 30th
Delivery Date – Thursday, November 9th

Online and/or home delivery of items is available on-line (payment by credit card – delivery charge may apply)

Click below for Online Ordering (or to view the items and additional information) !!

 – Online Ordering Link

Important Information…

Organization Name:   Collins High School Band Boosters
Fundraiser ID #: 338039
 Group ID #: 119538
Go to
Click on Products, then Shop
Select your preferred Shipping Method
Enter the Fundraiser ID# and place your order!Note: If you know the student’s name, please add their name to your order as well.

Little Caesars Pizza Kits and Cookie Dough contain all the ingredients to bake delicious pizza, bread and cookies at home in minutes. Its perfect for those busy school and rehearsal nights or have on hand for those late night study sessions and family gatherings! Don’t forget about the microwave pizza which is the perfect match for the office.

Each Little Caesars® Pizza Kit contains all the ingredients to make delicious pizza and snacks at home in less than 10 minutes! All items are individually packaged, so what is not used immediately can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

For the cookie dough we have family size cookie dough with “Break-n-Bake” convenience. Two 24-count packages of pre-portioned cookie dough with a homemade taste! A quick and delicious dessert.

Even better … Little Caesars® Break-n-Bake Cookie Dough! – 0 Grams Trans Fat!