🍂This Week’s “NOTE-able” Dates🍂 11/16/18 – 12/7/18


🎶11/19/18   WINTER GUARD rifle and saber tryouts and practice after school 4pm – 6:30pm

🎶11/20/18   POINSIETTA order forms due tomorrow.  Place order forms and checks in the slot box hanging on the wall across from Mr Osborne’s office.

🎶11/26/18   WINTER GUARD parent meeting after practice at 7:30pm

🎶12/1/18. MARCHING BAND plays in Shelbyville Christmas parade in the morning.  Details coming soon.

🎶12/1/18  MARCHING BAND and Anderson’s marching band combine for evening Christmas parade in Anderson County. Honoring the New Jersey woman, who will be at the parade, that called KY police regarding threats.  Details to come.

🎶12/3/18 ALL BAND PARENTS  for Band Family Parent Meeting with Mr Osborne & the Boosters @ 6:30pm

🎶12/4/18 FOODIE NIGHT for all band families at Johnny Rockets @ the Outlet Mall.  5 pm – 8pm.  Must have flyer that we will be sending out soon.

🎶12/4/18 Coda Drawing at 7:30 pm at Johnny Rockets at the Outlet Mall.  Buy your tickets from Band students.

🎶12/7/18. Lunch Ensemble fundraiser where we deliver fresh hot food to Shelby County School teachers for lunch.