Horse Show Volunteers Needed

Osborne, Kevin


Band family,
As you know each year the band program is tasked with raising a large amount of money.  This year we are hoping to raise $27,000.  Not only do we need to pay for the expenses we have every year but we are also wanting to take our program to the next level.
We (your booster board) are trying to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising this year.  Instead of doing so many fundraisers that the kids are responsible for, we would like to go into our fabulous community and work with local businesses and events.  With that being said we have an opportunity to earn $10/hr. helping out at the Shelbyville horse show!  If a family of four works for one hour, that’s $40 for the band!
The horse show is fast approaching and we would love as many parents, guardians, and family friends in band students to be involved as possible.
But wait there is more!  EVERY hour a person who works goes into drawing.  So, if Sally Smith works three hours, her name goes in three times!  A drawing for what you ask?  Great question!  A $25.00 amazon gift card AND a free brand new #imwiththeband t-shirt!

The dates available are listed on the sign-up link below.

And the drawing will take place at the next band parent meeting on August 6th @6:30pm in the Band room!

Thanks so much for supporting your kids music education!

Your 2018-2109 Band Boosters,

Gigi Wheeler, Nickie Fisher, Natalie Gee, Sherry Terrill