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Booster Minutes – November 2017

CHS Band Booster Meeting

November 6, 2017

Call to Order

A meeting of the CHS Band Boosters was called to order at 7:00 pm on November 6, 2017 by Melody Chase, President.  



K. Osborne (Band Director), M. Chase (President), P. Powers (Vice President), A. DePas (Treasurer), G. Wheeler (Secretary), B. Chase, J. Donovan, T. Porter, D. Osburn, D. Wheeler


Approval of Agenda

The November agenda was available.  D. Osburn motioned to accept the agenda.  J. Donovan seconded the motion.  The new agenda was approved by vote.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes were available.  D. Osburn motioned to accept the agenda. J. Donovan seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved by a vote.


Treasurers Report

The finance report was available at the beginning of the meeting.  A. DePas went over the Booster Club’s YTD – (Year to Date) report. We have a Main Account balance of $8,220.34 (includes the Mums money and Sectional Coaches) and a Gaming Account balance of $3,305.68.  


DePas detailed recent incoming income for the Band Boosters:  Pizza Fundraiser: $1,200, Amazon Smiles: $37.21, Kroger: 1.414.63, and $3,200 for grilling.  She did mention our grilling income was a bit down then from where we were last year. Depas also reported that we have no outstanding bills at this time.

There was some discussion on other people, including churches, that have begun grilling at Collin’s home games too.  Mr. Osborne said he would check to see if we had the privilege to be the only grillers at home games.

Osburn motioned to approve the Monthly TYD Report, D. Wheeler seconded the motion.  The Treasurer’s report was approved by vote.


Band Director Report

Mr. Osborne welcomed and thanked all for attending the meeting.  

He mentioned he was happy that we had a great marching band season this year.  He wanted to thank all those who helped and volunteered from everything from food, sewing, clean-up, etc).

He mentioned again that the marching band seniors get to keep their banners that were made.

He was also happy to report that we received 2 gifts from two of our own Eagle Scouts that are in band:

  • Darek Sinacle – his Eagle Scout project was to make our band sidewalk that now goes from the parking lot to the band room.
  • Ben Ferguson – his Eagle Scout project was the making of the large back cabinets we have in the back of the band room.  This is used for the storage of the large instruments, our trophies, and Thunder, our Band mascot.

Friday, November 10th – there will be a Veteran’s Day program at Collins at 10:00 pm.  The Symphonic Band will play.  All students need to wear their gowns and tuxedos for the assembly.

Mr. Osborne also went over the Collin’s football playoffs:

  • Friday we will play Shelby High School.  There will be discussion if the Marching Band wants to perform their program at halftime and pregame food.  Details to follow.
  • If Friday is a WIN – there will be another game on November 17th @ home
  • If Nov. 17th is a WIN – there will be another game on November 24th @ away
  • If Nov. 24th is a WIN – the finals will be played on December 2nd@ UK

Band Leadership Team (BLT) wants to do a Secret Santa.  A note will be sent home with details around November 21st.  The BLT has also mentioned a lock in.  

If student still need volunteer hours, they can earn those by working at the Mattress Sale.


NEEDS:   Mr. Osborne went over the current Needs for the band program:

  • We are still in need of an additional trailer
  • Instrument needs:  Tuba and Tenor Sax.  Mr Osborne is working on a proposal to present to the school board.


Calendar of Events:  Mr. Osborne then went over the Calendar of Events:


      • Dates:
        • November 7th  – (during class) Band composite photos in uniforms @ 12-4:30 pm
        • November 9th – guest speaker on music career in the military.  
          • Mr Osborne is also looking into having the Air Force Band come for a concert.
        • November 9th – Little Cesar’s fundraiser will be delivered
        • November 11th – Mattress Sale Day @ Collins 9am-2pm
        • November 11th – UofL Band Day (uoflbands.com/register) $20 for t-shirt, dinner & tickets to game
        • November 14th – Shelby County Honor Winds auditions for middle schoolers.  They will compete in St. Louis in the spring.
        • November 16th – All State/All District auditions
        • November 18th – EKU Marching Band Day
        • November 24th – Fundraiser Meeting @ 6:30 pm.  Location TBD
        • November 29th – Symphonic Band rehearsal 3:45-5:00pm
        • December 1 – All District/All State for Middle School
        • December 1 – Boys Home Basketball Game/ Pep Band
        • December 2nd – Shelbyville Christmas Parade @ 10 am
        • December 2nd – Potential Football Championship at UK @ 4 pm
        • December 4th – Band Booster Meeting @ 7 pm
        • December 5th – Painting with Paula (fundraising event)
        • December 6th – Symphonic Band rehearsal 3:30-5:00 pm
        • December 9th – 2nd round of All State/All District
        • December 9th – ACT test
        • December 11 @ 6pm-9pm – Winter Guard practice 6pm-9pm
          • Winter Guard is being offered a long term agreement to borrow special mats.
        • December 12th – Band Holiday Concert @ 6:30
        • December 14th – Winter Guard practice 6pm-9pm
        • December 16th – Winter Guard clinic for all ages of kids 8am – 4 pm
        • December 19th – Secret Santa party during school
        • December 20th – January 2nd – No School
        • January 5th – 6th – All District Band weekend.
          • 4:00 pm Middle School Concert
          • 6:30 pm High School Concert & recognition of Dr. Ellison
        • January 12th-13th – Back up dates for All District
        • February 10th – Winter Guard competition
        • February 14-19th – Florida Trip
        • February 24th – Winter Guard competition
        • March 3rd – 6th-12th grade solo/ensembles in Oldham County
        • March 10th – Winter Guard competition
        • March 13th-15th – North Oldham large ensemble assessment
        • March 24th – Winter Guard championships



M. Chase discussed Kroger Rewards program.  She said that if you have signed up in the past to have your contribution go to the band, that you don’t need to resign up.  It will roll over this year.  We earn about $700 a quarter with Kroger Rewards.   .5% of sales go to the band from Amazon smiles. (must sign up under Collins booster @ Simpsonville)

Pizza Kits with Little Cesars:  The pizza kits will be delivered on November 9th around noon.  Pick up will be from 4 – 6:30pm.

Painting with Paula will be another fund raiser coming up on December 5th.  A flyer will be coming soon.  The Painting with Paula will be at the United Methodist Church on Washington St.  The cost is $30 (the band will get 50% of the profits).  Need to have 10 people to sign up.

Old Business

Thank you for all parents who helped with Marching Band Season.  Thank you Ms. Donovan for being our food coordinator this year.  Thank you Ms. Wells for looking into getting another trailer for band.


New Business

Good news:  Mr. D. Osburn can now drive our band trucks!  



Motion to adjourn the meeting came from D. Osburn.  J. Donovan seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm by M. Chase, President.  Next Band Booster Meeting will be December 4, 2017 @ 7:00 pm.

Band Booster Minutes were taken by:  Gigi Wheeler


Board Booster Officers

Melody Chase, President

Pam Powers, Vice President

Angela DePas, Treasurer

Gigi Wheeler, Secretary